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Ok Ok, I guess its good that 12 items have been signed off on at the bargaining table but I am not going to hold my breath. The sticky issues are still to be brought up and "out-of-country" work, I don't think, was a particularly sticky issue. No offense to those working "out-of-country".

So they've signed off on 12 things, well I'm going to sign off on 3 (for now):


1. Conversing with casual acquaintances, people you have to talk to and/or know but don't necessarily like, while picketing.

Making eye contact or saying hi to people you know every time you see them as you walk around the building endlessly sucks and borders on being overly polite(even by Canuck standards). It is not required and can also become quite tiresome, its also better to avoid doing this because if they grow tired of it first, they might start snubbing you and its no fun to be snubbed, especially if you are of relative coolness and don't want to get snubbed by someone less happening than you. Talk to people 1 or 2 times over the course of the day. Say hi the first time you see them and goodbye when you are about to sign out. Or if they are annoying tell them that you just saw Stursberg walking around. They'll run after him for sure.

2. Picking up and using other peoples cleverly drawn/written picket signs could lead to ether a promotion or hot workplace romance!!(when and if we go back to work)

I myself work in a very unsexy department of CBC but the other day I traded my placard in for a spare lying in a storage bin near one of the picket stations. My new sign read "Fith Estate Locked Out by CBC Management". It was drawn with 3 different colors of marker and had exclamation marks and a clever quote about something. I gotta tell you people were looking at me in a whole different way! A lot of producer looking types did the "we're in the club too" winks and nods at me as I walked by. A girl who works in the tape library, who I don't think remembers where I really work, seemed to giddily whisper to her friends as I sauntered by with falsely acquired confidence. THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE THE SIGN! So as you all know CBC can be a snobby place at times. Knock down those "I went to Ryerson and you didn't" barriers and steal a sign, lie about where you work to help you pick up or walk around with your resume and hand it out.(make sure you don't give your resume to someone who might know that you don't in fact have that job).


Before the lockout I would see this one particularly well bearded homeless guy walk/lie around the Queen W. Area stealing pints and bumming change and smokes. A bartender friend of mine even gave him the moniker "the Hardest Working Guy in Homelessness". I would often wonder where he hung his pants. Now that I picket the CBC building day and night my wonder has turned to amazement. He lives in the trees in Simcoe Park. I know this because I often take smoke breaks near his nest. The amazement part comes in as I have witnessed him drink like 4 bottles of Chinese cooking wine over the course of 5 or 6 hours. You do the math. That's some serious amount of imbued Chinese spirits rushing through his veins. Now mind you I'm a fairly adept consumer of lager and stout and at times I have had some mild hallucinations/large misconceptions but this guy sees dragons and stuff that are trying to attack him etc. Chinese cooking wine also doesn't seem to tire him out that much as he's always awake and yelling at something i.e. trees, me, sea gulls. I gotta say if this lock out goes really long and I can't afford lager I am going to head down to the Chinese grocery by my house and have a dragon slaying bender all by myself.


Blogger The Naked Gord Program said...

The lack of real coverage of current events is seen at it's most obscene now with Katrina. I saw all the faces of African Americans left behind on the news and I was baffled no talking heads on CTV or the US networks (I won't even bother mentioning Fox News or Global) made mention of this. It's taken till now. Till a rapper finally stated what is right in front of our faces. Not the CBC. Not Peter Mansbridge. Not George Strempelous (or however his name is spelt.

This is the shame of the CBC lock out. This is the shame of Rabinovitch.

The world should be using the CBC lens as the only honest network in North America. The only honest voice. Even CNN which has done a decent job during disaster of a disaster relief still has Wolf Blitzer saying crap like "So poor and so black". Even their acknowledgement of the racism of this disaster is racist. Yet the CBC give me more antiques. It started off as a joke but now I'm really wishing I would have learned french years ago so I could get some truth from RDI. And I'm wondering if that may be the only choice for the future.

From the Tea Makers blog it seems that management is hell bent on getting their agenda through. They have it planned out for months in advance. I suppose that plan includes pulling out more archive tapes of "This hour has 7 days" or whatever for Newsworld and more topless women ala Old School.

I'm getting the impression that the management of CBC would be quite content if the progressive voice of the "Mother Corp" would wither away and die. With the "McJobs" that is being proposed in the contract negotiations I wouldn't be surprised if they used this as a barometer to find out whose "right" for the position if you get my pun. I wouldn't be surprised if the world renouned coverage of Peter Mansbridge and The National/Journal (yep I watched the CBC as a kid and I'm still calling it that :p and while we're on that topic the great orange logo should have stayed) will end when Mr. Mansbridge retires. If you're working a McJob there really isn't the time or energy to dig deep to get to the truth. There's too much time being eaten up by trying to stay afloat in your own life.

If the bigwigs at CBC get their way I might as well follow my life long dream of working for the CBC. After all I'm allowed to work up to one shift a week on disability and I imagine that's what the new "CBC" will look like. Part timers, journeymen, people with no real devotion to the truth. At least I'll have the latter. Hell I'd apply now if I didn't have this pesky moral thing against crossing a union line. ;)

The CBC's apparent lack of interest in any sort of real news coverage during the lock out is an omen. The coming of the PBS'ing of CBC. Better get a parka Tucker Carlson. Looks like you'll be heading north.

The unedited video of West telling the truth that the workers at CBC have been gagged from telling

Like a town cryer I've posted this to every CBC lock out victim blog I saw that looked active and allowed comments. The end of the CBC could be here unless the federal government steps in soon. But perhaps that's what the "liberal" Martin wants. btw - I did not mispell cryer. The most you can accuse me of is a bad pun over a bad situation in the corp.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alex you are a welcome addition to the lockout blogs... I am already in love with Matt Watts and Todd Maffin due to their blogs and I think you might be the newest target of my affection.

3:02 p.m.  
Anonymous Ames said...

Cool pics, but you need a new post-I've read this one already! (although it does amuse me). Wrote to CBC to tell them they suck. Not in those exact words. Something a little more smarty-pants sounding, but their suckiness was the prevalent theme.

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